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Renting property – the process

We don’t see why renting should be complicated. When you find a place through us we’ll make things as easy as we can, starting with a quick guide to the process.

  • Step 1: Decide on the basics
  • Step 2: Start looking
  • Step 3: Look around the places you like
  • Step 4: Agree to rent
  • Step 5: Move in

STEP 1: Decide on the basics

The more you know about what you want, the easier your search will be. Before you even start looking, make a list of what’s important to you. Consider whether you want a house or flat and what neighbourhoods appeal to you.

Of course, you’ll sometimes need to compromise, but we will try our best. It’s a good idea to divide your wish list into ‘essential’ and ‘bonuses’ to make these decisions easier.


This is probably the most important question. Do you want to live near your work? Would you prefer a leafy neighbourhood or somewhere in central Bristol?

Take some time at a weekend to walk around and get a feel for the areas you’re considering. We have houses and flats for rent Bristol wide so it can be helpful to make a list of postcodes or even streets that you’d consider, in order to narrow down your search.

Transport Links

For some people, this is even more important than the area itself. Do you want to walk to work or will anywhere near a bus route do? If you drive out of Bristol a lot, do you need easy access to the motorway?

Size and type

A few things to consider:

  • House or flat in Bristol
  • How many bedrooms? Do you need a spare room?
  • Do you want outside space like a balcony or garden?


Set yourself a budget and work it out by week and by month (Remember there are more than 4 weeks in a calendar month – about 4.3 in fact).

STEP 2: Start Looking

Once you know what you’re after, it’s time to start looking. Bear in mind that most landlords are looking for tenants who can move in within 2-4 weeks. If you won’t be ready to move by then, it might be worth waiting.

Use our online search, set up your own search profile and find a house of flat by area or postcode. We’ll email you details of homes that match what you’re looking for. You can change your criteria at any time.

Our database is updated daily so you’ll always see the latest houses and flats.

If you’d rather talk to us in person, then pop in or phone the office. We will register you and start looking for a suitable property straight away.

STEP 3: Look around the places you like

Once you’ve found a house or flat you like the look of, we can make a viewing appointment so you can get a real feel for the place. Please bear in mind that 24 hours’ notice is required for most properties and Saturdays get very busy so plan in advance.

STEP 4: Agree to rent

Once you’ve decided on a particular home, we move into the letting agreed stage. You tell us you want to go ahead and we’ll tell the landlord the good news.

This is when you pay us our fee of 35% of the first month’s rent plus VAT for holding and finding the property. This is non-refundable unless there are extraordinary circumstances. Three references will be required: work, landlord and character (personal) along with 3 months’ back statements, NI numbers and passports details. Assuming there’s no problem you then pay the deposit and advance rent, and you’re on the home straight to signing your tenancy agreement.

We’ll handle the paperwork and provide a tenancy agreement for you and your landlord to sign. It’s legally binding, so make sure you read it carefully. We’re happy to answer any questions you have.

Among other things, it will tell you:

  • The duration of tenancy – the minimum length of time you agree to rent for
  • How much rent you will pay, and how often
  • Your responsibilities regarding bills and maintenance
  • Your rights as a tenant
  • Your landlord’s responsibilities
  • Details concerning your deposit

STEP 6: Move in!

When the paperwork’s done and your deposit and first month’s rent are paid, the only thing left is to move into your flat or house.

We’ll arrange for you to pick up the keys. You’ll usually get them from our office if we are carrying out the pre-occupation inspection on behalf of our client. We will escort you to your new home.

The inventory lists every item in each room of the property, so it can be checked for losses or damage when you move out. The condition of fixtures and fittings is also documented. It is important that you spend time checking through this as your signature will be required and this will form the basis of your check out and subsequent return of your deposit.

Welcome to your new home!

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