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In the present climate buy-to-let is certainly not a licence to print money. Rents are competitive and there are lots of hidden costs to consider when running an investment property.

Fundamentally, it’s vital to purchase the right property at the right price and to do your research so that you can be as confident as possible about the income you’ll make.

In producing your business plan we recommend doing your sums on the basis of 10 months’ rental income per year. This allows for vacant periods, upkeep and, if you’re unfortunate, non-payment.

Costs you should bear in mind include: routine maintenance; depreciation of furniture and fittings; building management charges; insurance; annual safety certification; tax.

Above all, never take the seller’s or selling agent’s word about the rent you can expect to command. Get independent advice – we’ll inspect the property and give you a market price free of charge.

If we haven’t put you off buy-to-let then please do speak to us about the opportunities we have on our books and about the property management services we provide.

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